Energy for Everyone Under the Sun

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    Most of them, you drop it once it’s broken, it’s cracked. This one, you can throw it around.
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    I think nowadays most of the patients that we see have mobile phones, but of course the challenge is energy.
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    If they need to get in touch with you and then your phone is off…you are not serious.
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    I use my cell phone a lot. And within three to four hours, the battery is run down.

Charges many devices as fast as a wall plug directly from the sun


Our Story

Everywhere, the world around, people use mobile devices to connect, conduct business, manage their livelihoods and create community. This is the next frontier for smartphones, social media and digital content. This is the new normal for global society.

But there is a barrier standing in the way of this new normal. It’s an energy barrier, which profoundly limits mobile and digital engagement. Users are at best tethered to a wall plug, and are at worst subject to expensive and inconvenient charging options. In all cases, SunStream Technology, Inc™ seeks to level the playing field of energy access for mobile device users.

We provide an energy-enabling solution that will bring the promise of mobile engagement to everyone around the world.

Energy for Everyone Under the Sun.