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Charge your phone or device directly from the sun

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    If they need to get in touch with you and then your phone is off…you are not serious.
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    I use my cell phone a lot. And within three to four hours, the battery is run down.
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    I think nowadays most of the patients that we see have mobile phones, but of course the challenge is energy.
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    Most of them, you drop it once it’s broken, it’s cracked. This one, you can throw it around.


Powering mobile connectivity to energize lives around the world with a higher quality solar solution.

SunStream™ revolutionized its industry with a breakthrough technology called Chipset-Free Charging™ that makes our panels faster and longer-lasting. SunStream products are portable, drop-proof, waterproof and charge many phones as fast as a wall plug.

For mobile phones, USB devices and powerbanks. Made in USA.


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