About Us

We are more of a tribe than a company, fanatics who are making it their life’s work to bring energy to everyone under the sun. And we mean everyone, from the Arctic explorer to the Zambian midwife, so our tribe reaches far and wide, north and south, east and west. We’re also proud to have the heart of the operation headquartered right in the heart of the USA. If you could see us now … we’re all working our tails off while the boss’s dog just sits and wags his tail. But that’s his right for being a higher life form.

John Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

John is a visionary leader in the field of renewable energy. As founder of World Panel, Inc., maker of SunStream products, he brings together his expertise in solar technology with his passion for service to the “base of the pyramid” customer in emerging markets. On a pivotal trip to Africa, John experienced energy poverty first hand, and made it his life’s work to deliver portable, affordable, durable, clean energy to everyone under the sun. He spent years developing the patented solar streaming technology that makes SunStream products so game-changing, especially for users putting them to the test in the harshest outdoor conditions. Proudly headquartered in the USA, the SunStream brand is on a mission to eradicate energy poverty while generating lasting social, ecological and economic value.

Hennie Botha

Managing Director in South Africa

Hennie Botha has been a part of the SunStream team since 2014, playing a key role in the development of the sales strategy in South Africa and the African continent. Hennie has an 18-year background in the information technology industry ranging from hardware and software programming to enterprise network designs, implementation and sales across various continents. Hennie’s key focus has always been to ensure the adoption of best in class, cost effective solutions to uplift African information systems, and to provide opportunities for the youth of Africa to uplift themselves. With a sincere passion for serving both planet and people, Hennie is committed to realizing the SunStream mission on his home turf. When he can break away from his day job, Hennie can be found on the mountain bike trails of Pretoria.

Kristel Gillespie

Quality Assurance Manager

Kristel has joined the SunStream initiative bringing over 25 years experience in quality systems and management, compliance, laboratory testing, product development, manufacturing and sustainability. As Director of Quality for a major private label manufacturer, she succeeded in achieving and maintaining the highest level of quality, compliance and sustainability required by major retailers such as JCPenney, Walmart, Sears and Macy’s for over twelve years, working with more than forty contractors in eight states in Mexico. Additionally, she enjoyed the opportunity to pilot their sustainability efforts in Mexico by developing and executing plans for grass replacement with fruit trees and gardens (produce used in company cafeteria), solar water heater use for the laboratory, extensive recycling of production and office waste as well as worm composting of kitchen waste. Kristel is committed to guaranteeing the “highest performance in the harshest conditions” of SunStream products and exceeding the customer’s expectations. Kristel is in the process of transitioning from Texas to Colorado with her Mexican immigrant pets: Sophie & Lucky (dogs) and Mister, the cat.

Matt Hartmeister

Director of Manufacturing, Research & Development

Matt has been a member of the SunStream team since the very beginning, playing a key role in the development of all aspects of the manufacturing equipment and production standards that set SunStream apart for quality. Matt has a 20-year background in manufacturing, machine implementation, glass installation and project management. He spent his early career in the environmental laboratory environment, accumulating a broad range of skills involved with sample preparation, analysis, and data handling including presentation and verification. He has been instrumental in the programming and layout for all the unique machines involved in the creation of SunStream products, and he continues to play a vital role in the research and development of current and new building strategies for SunStream innovations.

Mariah Kamei

Marketing Manager

As a strategist and marketing manager, Mariah focuses on creating integrated campaigns that drive brand equity and sales. Starting her career as social media correspondent for the Urban Green Council in New York City, she quickly became enamored with the medium as a vehicle for driving large scale social change. Mariah has spent the last seven years in advertising, building effective brand activations in a variety of industries, notably environmental, telecom, retail, electronics and even toys. Her past clients include Mattel, Seventh Generation, TracFone, AMEX and Michelin. When not applying her passion to bringing energy to everyone under the sun you’ll find Mariah on her bike in pursuit of a good cappuccino.

Daryl Overholt

Chief Financial Officer

Daryl has over twenty years of financial management experience with technology companies ranging from venture-backed startups to multinational corporations. Prior to joining the SunStream team, Daryl held the CFO position at TeamSnap, Starboard Storage Systems and Aztek Networks and spent five years with Sequel Venture Partners, an early stage venture capital firm specializing in technology and healthcare businesses. He started his career and his passion for helping build technology businesses during his eleven years with PricewaterhouseCoopers. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, you can find him outside of work spending his time doing whatever his wife and daughters tell him to do, with a little fly fishing on the side.

Mike Wedding

Director of Sales

Mike brings 20 years of multi-industry sales experience to the SunStream team. After spending half of his career in the medical and service industries, Mike relocated to Boulder, Colorado to apply his experience to the Outdoor Industry. Over the last 10 years Mike has worked with various well-known brands within the Outdoor Industry. His most recent positions included Director of Sales for Sierra Designs and Director of National Accounts for Kelty and Slumberjack. Mike’s desire for a more humanitarian and environmental component in his career led him to SunStream. In his spare time Mike is a fly-fishing guide and instructor. Most weekends you will find him on the water sharing this passion with others.

Howard Wolin

Chief Operating Officer

Howard was drawn out of retirement by the unique mission of SunStream and the excitement to be working with this energetic team of professionals who are changing the world by bringing personal energy products to an energy-impoverished world. He is passionate about renewable energy and sustainability and headed this effort at his last company, even being recognized by Walmart as one of their top ten suppliers in this area. His work expertise is in large scale manufacturing operations and logistics producing over one billion garments in his former career and exceeding one million units per week many times for retail clients like Walmart, JCPenney, Macy’s and Sears. Graduating from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Business Administration, he is married over 35 years to his college sweetheart. They have three grown children who are either married, or about to be married. His hobbies include taking care of his two granddaughters on the weekend and spending time with his wife and family.